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Red and Black GPz900r Motorcycle

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Custom GPz

GPz810 Custom

Custom GPz810 highly modified, Metallic dark green at Six One Australian Custom Show


KawasakiGPz900r overheating problems

Kawasaki GPz900r Motor


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Moto Gp Phillip Island

I just got back from the Australian Moto Gp at Phillip Island the other day. What a fantastic event lots of bikes and heaps of fun. Well done to Rossi for a good win!

Young Aussie up and comer Jack Miller had an amazing win in Moto 3 with the closest front pack of riders possible each swapping the lead through the whole race. On the last lap Jack managed to make it to the front and cross the finish line miliseconds ahead of the rest.


My Kawasaki GPz900R Restoration Project

Gpz900r motorbike

I have owned my Kawasaki GPz900r for around 20 years, when I got it it wasn’t ¬†all that old and it was my pride and joy. I would clean it every week and take it for a ride with the boys through the hills nearly every weekend. Now back then this was a pretty quick bike and she gave the newer bikes of the time a good run for their money. It was the early nineties and the the guys that I road with had bikes like GSXR 750 and 1100’s, Kawasaki zx10, Kawasaki KR 250 an older Ducati and other bikes of the era.


Top Gun and the Kawasaki GPz900R

Top Gun was a huge movie in the mid 80’s and made Tom and the Kawasaki GPz900R stars.

In the movie Tom Cruise hoons about on his Kawasaki GPz900r trying to race F16’s and taking out his frustrations with life as a top fighter pilot

Tom Cruise on his GPz900 in Top Gun the Movie Read More...

Kawasaki GPz900R Original Promo Video

Red and Black GPz900r Motorcycle


Green and White Kawasaki Gpz900R

Green and white GPz900R

This is a 1986 Green and White Kawasaki GPz900R Motorcycle. This colour scheme was not available in all markets. Mechanical specs were the same as the rest of the Kawasaki GPz900r range.

It was not offered in the Australian market. Although some have been sighted! These are either imports or local examples that have been repainted to take advantage of this striking colour scheme.