My Kawasaki GPz900R Restoration Project

I have owned my Kawasaki GPz900r for around 20 years, when I got it it wasn’t  all that old and it was my pride and joy. I would clean it every week and take it for a ride with the boys through the hills nearly every weekend. Now back then this was a pretty quick bike and she gave the newer bikes of the time a good run for their money. It was the early nineties and the the guys that I road with had bikes like GSXR 750 and 1100’s, Kawasaki zx10, Kawasaki KR 250 an older Ducati and other bikes of the era. We would blast through the hills and meet up a nearby pub and share stories of our amazing riding skills and the huge performance of our bikes, the stories always got better after a couple of beers!.

My Kawasaki GPz900 Is a 1986 A3 model, black silver and red and it went like bullet!

Kawasakigpz900r motorcycle add from the 80s

Add for the Kawasakigpz900r in 1986

Over the years it had acquired a few war wounds and issues that need some attention, like the dint in the tank, the scrapes on the fairing, broken indicators and cracked windscreen fairing and the list goes on. Now it has been sitting and gathering dust for years, pushed from one side of the shed to the other and hasn’t been started in years, I don’t even know if the old girl will start at all but now it’s time to find out!

So it’s about time the old Kawasaki gpz900r  got a make over!  the bike will need a bit of body work and some paint also a new screen and about 1000 other things that I don’t even know yet. It did run a while ago but will be getting a mechanical make over as well so it’s up to scratch in the engine, handling and braking department.

My plan is to restore her to her former glory and get back on the road again and relive the old Sunday morning rides of years ago.




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